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The development prospects of the mainland State LED LED doomed its huge market will develop into a huge industry.Overall, the domestic industry in terms of size has been unsatisfactory,the typical case is the integrated circuit industry and the LCD panelindustry, the domestic IC industry is now tail between its people, LCDpanel industry is riddled with illness, technology complex, largeinvestment and a weak infrastructure is the main reason, while the LED industry will break the curse, and can bring about the upgrading ofindustries, such as the domestic industry in LCD driver chips simply do not drive, because the LCD panel industry out of the country, supportbecause of huge market, LED Driver IC is expected to flourish in the country to promote domestic enterprises bigger and stronger, which inturn wil1 promote the domestic LCD driver chip or other chip-driven development.

China’s LED industry is currently a disadvantage lies in the factthat a LED products of domestic enterprises and overseas technical levelthere is a certain gap in the pursuit of high-end customers at adisadvantage; Second, the domestic IC manufacturing base compared toJapan, Korea and Taiwan, these strong LED weak arens, LED opitaxy, chip manufacturing capacity, technological lovel and poor external support ofsome materials, the learnlng curve longer wil1 take some time tocultivate; Third, the size of the domostic LED business is still relatively smal1,most of them did not exceed 100kk / monthly energy(blue green),this state of affalrs in the next two years will beimproved; four, domestic R & D concentrated In unlversities and researchinstitutes, production in the enterprises, the lack of R & D results ofthe rapid industrialization of the conversion mechanlsm, which should belearn from Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute of thetechnical achievements the licensing mechanism to speed up theconversion rate of technological achievements and scientific researchinstitutes can not be for their own industry rather than the outcome ofthe latest technology and timely transfer to industry, the Governmentshould regulate the development of relevant policy-related behavior;five domestic lack of core patents, in particular related to theindustry in the long-termi development of the Blu-ray core patents andpatent lack of white light, which will enable long-term development ofdomestic industries to function. China’s local enterprises at this stageis mainly at the initial stage, smaller companies, the manufacturers ofthe master do not constituté a threat to the patent, patent issues isnot very prominent, However, with the development and expansion ofdomestíc enterprises, once the scale to a certain extent, the “goingout” development strategy, will become a potential patent issues. Atpresent, the domestic enterprises to grow bigger, to improve productquality and technical level of the most important task is to improve thefuture licensing companies asking price at the time, or to graduallybreak through the core of R & D patents. 

We believe that the LED industry in China has good prospects fordevelopment, based on the following points: First, in terms of thetechnology,LED technology has the bottleneck of high

growth, low-threshold characteristics of the study, the domestic long-term accumulation in the semiconductor fleld of research resourcescan be useful wìth a good basis for further study. Although the manufacturing of integrated cireuits based on weak,relatively lowtechnological level, but some domestic enterprises to join overseastechnical personnel, continue to make breakthroughs in technology,technological level of domestic enterprises with good companies with thetechnological level of Taiwan or less the same as with internationalcompanies as a whole has been narrowing the gap; Second, LED investedrelatively small initial investment will be 100 million plant, thedomestic enterprises to enter the threshold of the low, easy to achievea rolling development and manufacture of integrated circuits and liquidcrystal panel manufacturers easily to tens of billions of billions ofyuan in investment it is “insignificant” easier access to the domesticenterprises to form industrial clusters, of course, may also lead to vicious competition and to a certain stage of development of marketintegration; Thírd, the domestic market great, LED market is the nextmajor general lighting market, the market capacity, end-consumer market,scattered and difficult to form a monopoly, a vast living space of domestic enterprises; Fourth, some companies have a core of intellectualproporty rights, such as crystalline silicon photo voltale aubatrate can. 

GaN-ray projects, Dallan Road, the aron of the United States and thecore of the chip technology, has global competltiveness of theseenterprises on technology development In the domonstration effoct easyto form and promote the healthy growth of the domestic business market;five, after maturity of the tochnology, LID downatream packaging anddevices are labor-intonsive production, the dovelopment of the mainlandwith the labor cost advantago.

The development process from the LED industry, the global sales ofLED according to thé-market is currently the largest mobile phonebacklight market, with mobile phone sales growth slowing down, as wellas the OLED screen on the mobile phone TFT-LCD sereen to enhance thepenetration of the global growth rate of the LED. Technologicalprogress as a result of cost redüction in the current (and even

pre-2010) is not enough to allow full access to general use LED lightingmarket, global growth will be the next notebook, LCD. TV backlighting,and automotive markets with the car interior lamp backlight market. Asthe world’s top five LCD panel (LG Philips, Samsung, AUO, CMO and Sharp)in a high level of LED technology, large production capacity in Japan,Taiwan and South Korea, domestic only BOE, polish electricity and theFive Dragon PY panels of three lines, the 4.5-generation Shanghai Tianmaproduction line will be able to after the demand for LED backlighting,but the overall demand is not dominant, the domestic onterprises toenter the LCD panel backlight LED supply chain proceeds should not betoo large backlit panel with mobile phone markot Is quito similar. 

Application of the Chinese market at this stage mainly in the architectural lighting, indoor and outdoor display, based on the above reasons, the main force of the next wave may be present in these markets, but in mobile phones, small size LCD backlight, automobile penetration will increase, and some scattered markets such as speclal lighting will open up even more (the cost of special lighting requirements for general lightíng-is not so harsh). After there placement of a few years ago, LED traffic lights is very popular, asthe LED’s life is longer, the short term it is very difficult to replace in the. event of large-scale work, which makes the LED traffic lights for a period of low demand period; a large domestic sedan market, buthigher, certification cycle length, as long as there is excellent product quality, domestic motor vèhicle lights LED backlighting and avery large market demand and growth in demand in this market is relatively stable; and LED display its easy to assemble, low powerconsumption, high brightness, etc. has been widely applied to thebanking, securities, squares, railway stations, sports venues, thefuture of this market there is still great potential for growth; in theOlympic Games, World Expo, a number of city night demonstration effectof the project, led by National Semiconductor Lighting Project, as wellas the many favorable factors, such as the promotion of, thearchitectural lighting market is still a broad prospect.

Generally speakíng, a number of large international companies focusedon high-end, more concentrated target market’s “ready” market, as well as general lighting of the huge potential market, and some of theproducts will be relatively low technical requlrementa that the futurecontrol of the decentralized nature of the market so weak out of handbecause of its large number of patents, do not worry about the futurewas out of the market at this stage not to pursue production capacíty(per month to Nichia 500kk, Toyoda Gosei and Cree were 350kk and 300kk),and focus on technology to lead the market trend, When the technology ismature enough to be the size of the market into the general lighting, itis estimated that its production capacity will be rapidly and at thesame time to reduce external licensing. This “center – periphery” of thecompetition is expected to maintain a long period of time.

At present, the major manufacturers in the Mainland market, if thefear of chip exports will encounter two challenges: First, largeinternational companies in patent litigation (mainly blue and white), infact, as long as a certain size, regardless of the’ export and whetherthe patent will encounter challenges, but the export of patent

litigation is more likely that a number of; Second, the competitivenessof other external vendors, especially manufacturers in Taiwan, Taiwan’straditional manufacturers followed their strategy – and technology totrack the international companies, at the same time strongly improveproductivity, reduce costs and production capaclty in Taiwan the world’sfirst chip, there are a number of other industries such as the giant HonHai, the Mau, the total being good to enter this area, can influence thefuture of Talwan LED chip global market price fluctuatlons , Given the huge domestic market demand, domestic chip plants, even if 1t can relyon the domestic market of the development of an adequate, if thephotovoltalc companles overseas unlimlted access to domestic markets,domestic companies will face continued competitive pressures, which inthe long-term domestic enterprises 1s a very negative statement. LEDindustry is growing at this stage, but also the layout of the LED makersa view of domestic, foreign investment in the Mainland to enjoy taxincentives, domestic enterprises to compete in an unequal positíon toenter the domestic narket to foreign investors should be encouraged toset up factories in China to engage in outreach, chip core technology,such as enterprises, these enterprises can promote personnel trainíngand raising the overall skill level; should be limited to those packagesin the country, epitaxial, chip, such as part of the core technology forthe occupation in the foreign market from the enterprise, Once such abusiness card in all core areas, and local enterprìses do not enjoy thebenefits of technological progress, development and limited space, I amafraid they will scramble tó rely on price war, not so hard to curryfavor with their own thing, so deal with only part of the currentpackage in China to limit foreign investment, such as import tariffslevied on the chíp.

From the patent litigation is concerned, its not terrible, as long asour main competitors, have to pay, we still compete in the same startingline. Taiwan’s major involving the blue and white LED chip factory inthe growth process have experlenced litigation LED, reached a settlement in the proceedings to ohtain patents, contintte to grow. Thebest response is to do at this stage a large-scale, access to patents,while at the same time strengthen its own R & D to Improve the patentlitigation in the bargaining power for cross-licensing. Domesticenterprises in terms of size, Xiamen San’an may usher in the growth ofthe first “baptism.”

The future industrial competitiveness wi11 depend on two aspects,firstly, technology, including to improve light-emitting efficiency andlower the cost of technology to improve power device technology, thedirection of the road there is an extension of èxisting technology, butalso possible routes of new technologies; also including access tohigh-quality technology products,_as well as external systems such aslighting design and technology-driven chip design; Second, the scale, onthe one hand,due to large scale to reduce costs, the market strongbargaining power;On the other hand, compounds with IC wafer manufactureof silicon used is very different, even if an extension on the sameproduction out of the chip performance may be quite different, whichrequire relatively high consistency of application areas (such as atypical LCD backlight),the extension of an There is only a part of tomeet the requirements, but large-scale enterprises, the number of levelsof market structure, can be inconsistent with the requirements of aparticular market doployment of chip produeta to another market, thecompany’s total output to lacrease the efflclency of the full. 

LED industry a bright future, but only in the above-mentioned twoaspects of the industry’s leading enterprise is the future king.

Conclusion: Company commented, domostio enterprisos should be concernedabout what?

In the entire LED industry chain and which business concern? From theoverall development process, the five companies most investment value.

A class of intellectual property rights is a core business. Room forthe development of such enterprises in the most broad-based domestic toNanchang University established a joint private equity fund is thecrystal can be a typical representative of photoelectric, photoelectriccrystal can be made of silicon-based GaN epitaxial Blu-ray technology tothe world’s top three blue Light one process technology to break throughforeign patents Nichia and Cree blockade, the company is set up near thecurrent level -of the industry need to be inspected; another Luming forDalian, the company through the acquisition of American LED chipmanufacturers to make chips AXT technology increases, access to morethan 40 patented core technologies, as well as the technical team. Inaddition, Dalian Luming engaged in rare earth since the originallight-emitting material, white in the synthesis of fluorescent powderused in the production of an edge, is one of the world production ofonly a few can produce light-omitting light-emitting materials can chipbusiness. Moreover, the possibility of R & D Luming now rare-earthfluorescent powder, breakthrough Nichla, Oaram white light technology,such as patents, for the domestic Industry Into the general LED lighting breakthrough in the last barriers! White LED lighting as long as the twomajor “stumbling block” – Blu-ray patent and white patent to make abreakthrough, the domestic LED industry a bright future ahead for the rest of the domestic industryis to test the ability of the industry.

Other enterprises in the chip industry and technology to track moresuccessful doing business. Ability to carry out the actual chip designand processing of green extension of a certain size and mainlyconcentrated in the Saman Xiamen, Dalian Road, United States (Lumingsubsidiaries),several companies such as 士兰微,the current scale ofproduction with LED-ray only Saman

Xiamen. Xiamen, Taiwan MOCVD12 Saman, red chips per month can 1000kk,blue chip 200kk / month, technology in the domestic leading level, withfull-color ultra-high brightness LED chip production capacity, salesrevenue in 2006 nearly 300 million, the market was well received;Moreover, Taiwan’s optoelectronics and -informed Epistar to set upfactories in Xiamen, the local formation of indus vial clusters toenhaace the capacity of industry and technical personnel supporting theflow of the importance of the development of the three also have animportant role in promoting.士兰微capacity of the current blue-chip100kk / months, the level of advanced chip technology, the company willbe in August two new MoCVD, Into two next year, capacity will beblue-chip 300kk / months, when avallable brlght red and green and blueLED chips, LED chip sales In 2007 expected to reach 200 million。

Post time: Oct-22-2021