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LED Pool Bulb Resin Filled Light AC12V Spot Piscine LED color RGB PAR 56 Projector

1. resin inside with100% waterproof. Solid and durable 

2. Compatible for both Fresh or salt water pool

3. Easy to install fitting to standard pool fittings.

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1. The Resin Filled Pool Lamp is designed to replace halogen PAR56 Bulb or LED PAR56 Bulb, so it fits the old niche, customer doesn't need to change old niche, power cable, and transformer.

And It can be wall mounted installation if you buy suitable accessories, so it will become flat lamp.

2. It is using resin filled technology, which is much better than LED PAR56 Pool Lamp in waterproof grade, and it is plastic material body, won't be broken.

3. The lamp is using LED as light source, can help you save electricity bill.

4. Our Lamp can work with AC12V and DC12V at the same time.

5. RGB color is multi-color, including red, green, blue, cyan, purple, yellow, white, and some dynamic modes.

6. One remote can control 2 pieces or more quantity lamps, but better for you to connect AC12V transformer if you want them synchronous(showing the same color).


Notes need to be careful

1. Do not connect AC110V, AC230V, or any voltage more than 12V to our lamp, and It only works in AC12V, not DC12V.

2. Do not let the lamp CONTINUOUSLY on more than 10 minutes WHEN IT IS OUT OF WATER, if not, it will be easier hot and get burned.

3. You don't need to worry when you see the RGB lamps don't show the same color after connecting power, but just switching main power off/on THREE TIMES, they will show the same color.


Advantage of our lamp

1. Using thick housing body, we do strictly select production material, not easy to corrosion, long service life, durable.

2. high quality lampshade is made of explosion-proof and waterproof PC material, which is not easy to break, good light transmittance, and good heat dissipation effect.

3. We use high Brightness light source, high power lamp bead, highlighted foot title,energy saving, high color rendering.


Great for high bay, low bay, swimming pools and wherever high output lighting is needed. Widely used in Swimming pool,spa. bathtub, home aquarium.


How to installation?



1. The price only includes LED Lamp, installation screws, it doesn't includes transformer, frame and housing, BUT you can buy them from us by asking.

2. Our lamp needs to be connected a AC12V transformer to convert AC110 or AC230V into AC12V.

3. RGB color doesn't have remote, it is controlled by main power switch on/off for ONE TIME to change colors.

4. RGB is multiple color, it includes red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, purple, white, and some dynamic modes ( RGB graudal, 7 color gradual, flashing, jumping, ect ).

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