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Hot Sales Outdoor Waterproof IP68 LED Underwater Light

1. stainless steel ip68

2. can directly to install underwater

3. Easy to install and maintain

4. 3Year warranty

Product Detail

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1. Buried lights lamp body for die casting aluminum or stainless steel material.

2. firm durable, waterproof, heat dissipation good performance; Cover for 304 # stainless steel materials, corrosion, anti-aging;

3.The silicone seal, waterproof properties is good, high temperature resistant, anti-aging; High strength tempered glass, strong penetrability

4. light radiating surface width, bearing ability; All solid stainless steel screw; 5.Protection grade up to IP68.Optional plastic embedded parts, convenient installation and maintenance.

Product Parameter

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ip68 underground light 304
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Advantage of our lamp

1. led light Adopting aluminum casing, well heat elimination, heat dissipation and impact resistance reliable and novelty structure.

2. Light source adopt high power LED lamp combination modular design,  waterproof, dustproof and equipped with reflective glass by optimization, by which can effectively control the scope of optical, improving the evenness of lighting,

3. Super bright light source and excellent color rendering  No harmful and green lamp

4. Professional packaging technology for safe delivery;

5. Convenient maintenance. Customers can repair and replace fixture by the guidebook based on product specifications;

6. Single powerful LED as the light source; imported high bright semiconductor chips;

7. ensures long life-span of driver and LED; 3-5 years warranty;

8. No adverse glare or flicker, which eliminates vision fatigue and distraction for good light distribution;

9. No delay start. It can reach its normal light as soon as it is turned on, avoiding the long-time start process of the traditional light;

10. Green and Environmental Protection: no lead, no mercury, no environmental pollution.


it is widely used in shopping malls, car parks, green belts, parks, tourist attractions, residential district, city sculpture, walking street, building steps etc, mainly is buried in the ground, used for decoration or instruction lighting purposes, also used to wash the wall or trees, its application has considerable flexibility. 


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